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Diagnodent – Kavo

  • Permits use of minimally invasive treatments without unnecessary preparation - ideal adjunct to air abrasion and micro rotary instruments.
  • For the first time, allows the quantification of caries activity over time with a precise and reliable measurement.
  • Reproducible results permit checking, stabilization and documentation of caries.
  • Ideal device for the hygienist to detect suspicious areas needing further examination.
  • Is conservative by avoiding "exploratory" excavation of suspect teeth.
  • Extremely accurate diagnostic aid. Proven to be over 90% accurate.
  • Early detection of pathological changes that are undiagnosed by conventional examination methods (e.g. initial lesions, demineralization and changes in the enamel, fissure caries).
  • No scratching probe: simple, fast and painless examination.
  • Increases operator and patient confidence about treatment decisions due to accurate visual and acoustic representation of measured values.
  • No x-ray exposure.
  • High level of patient acceptance and satisfaction.